Antepavilion party & exhibition

In collaboration with JA projects Diddy’s put on a party for the launch of the 2018 Antepavilion, this included drinks, decorations, music and the exhibiting of the shortlisted entries.  The Antepavilion itself, by Benedetta Rogers & Thomas Randall-Page, was an incredible giant inflatable yellow structure and to compliment this we themed the party around Hook a Duck.


Diddy’s & JA projects commissioned Eve Shillingford to create one off sculptures for the event, Clara Potaito with help from amazing Architectural Foundation volunteers created an entire canopy of paper leaves that 1500 guests danced underneath.  Jamal Peace was commissioned to create visuals to accompany the shortlisted projects. The bar was framed by giant rubber duckies and wave material, DJs included Tuck Shop.

Diddy Varley