Fruit Party Long Sleeved T-Shirt - There's Still Life

Fruit Party Long Sleeved T-Shirt - There's Still Life


Long Sleeved T-Shirt
Featuring Fruit Party print and There’s Still Life exhibition graphics on back, There’s Still Life logo on front & Diddy’s logo and illustrations on right arm
Photographs by Louie & Tim Waller-Hill, designed by Diddy’s
100% Cotton

It was a hot summer’s day when the Waller-Hills chose to photograph their latest body of work, and we are delighted to be able to host the exhibition in that same space. The images are a beautiful contemporary study of fruit - pomegranates, oranges and peaches - fertile with symbolism, are a pleasure to look at, as well as to eat.

Diddy’s is neither a studio, nor a gallery, yet here it is being used as both. We invite you to read as much, or as little, into the images as you would like, all the while remembering, There’s Still Life.

The exhibition, which has been curated in house, and is accompanied by a publication and limited run clothing collection featuring artwork by the Waller-Hills and designed by Diddy’s.

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