Henri Mug

Henri Mug


Editor’s Notes

We are proud to unveil Clara Potaito’s mugs in collaboration with Diddy’s.  This collection takes inspiration from the décor of the café and its strong, vibrant colours and capture the playful spirit of Diddy’s. Now you can take a piece of the joy of Diddy’s home with you!

The collection features Clara’s take on the plants at Diddy’s, including the monstera cheeseplant, banana plant and the fishbone cactus, as well as Diddy’s signature orange chairs and mugs.


height: 82 mm, diameter: 87mm

Dishwasher safe, but do not microwave or put in the oven.

Please note: each mug is made from fine bone china and is hand-decorated by Clara. Customers will receive a mug in their chosen theme, although there will be variations as each piece is unique!


About Clara Potaito

Clara Tait hand-cuts enamel in her home-come-studio, individually pasting onto ceramics to create clean and modern arcadian visions of Hackney, where she currently lives. At the heart of her craft is a desire to create clean and modern designs that delight in their vibrancy. Inspired by the colours and culture of the Caribbean and artists like Gauguin, Matisse and Rousseau each dazzlingly playful piece of crockery is one-of-a-kind.

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